Juices, Smoothies, Hot Drinks, Cocktails, Tequila and Mezcal






apple/orange 6
vampiro: beet, carrot, orange, celery 8
verde: spinach, celery, apple, cucumber 8

milk: full, skim, almond or soy
fruit: strawberry, banana or mango 8

Hot Drinks
all your usual coffess @ 8oz 4
teas: chamomile, green, EBT, chai 3.5

mimosa: fresh OJ, bubbles 9
good morning Maria: our bloody mary 13
michelada: beer, chile salt, lime, salsa 8
tommys: tequila, lime, agave, rocks 17
mezcal tommys: mexcal, lime, agave, rocks 18
red café: espresso, campari, rocks 8
carajillo: espresso, licor 43, rocks 8

Mezcal + Tequila

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